Thursday, September 20, 2018

fox tail millets is a annual grass. setaria is rich in smart carbohyderates,the kind which doesent increase the blood sugar levels is aprouduct of ancient times.the hindu record said the lord lakshmi narshimaha is use this millet won the  hiryanasksha.All  the  people ask what is u ask me.He ask korrs pasayam{foxtailmillet].so people arrange this item. 

  • sri gapanapthi   nimajanam is coming soon  Ganapathi is a brother of kumaraswamy.And he is a   memory and education. he is a khairthabad ganapathi is famous in hyderabad.  Ganapathi  is a money and vigana nayaka.

Friday, September 14, 2018

The national song of india is 'vandemataram'.It was composed by bankim chandra chattterjee in the year 1875.Lotus is the national flower of india.Lotus stands for spirituality and knowledge.Mango is the national fruit of india.Banyan is the national tree of india.India  sees is percent increase in tourists.The tourism ministry in astatement ,sais that india haas seen an over 15% increase in foreign tourist arrivals between jan and july this year.Followed  by the us 16.25%. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Ganapathi is  a paravathi and siva son and brother name is kumara ithink he is legend of gods .he is the first prefernces of  hindu all parties and marrieges and new  hoteles and farming etc.he is prasadm special is undaraluu.kanipakam is the special to vinayaka and ainavalli is  also best in ap .vinayak a patras is garika ,masi,nerudui,jiledu,maredu,ummetha etc.
vinayaka chaturdi Image result for god vinayaka 13/09/2018.SPECIAL are u worship god vinayaka, 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Kanipakem is a vinayaka temple at chitoor dist.Near tirupati. so ithink  i go to this temple in 2 times . Good temple in  we are going moring and do abhisakam in the morning .annadanam is 12 .30 pm .